Temple Guardian

About Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian is an interesting strategy game developed by Hanzheng. You are in charge of guarding the sacred Temple of Lightening and Fire. In Temple Guardian, your task is to build arrow and catapult towers and other facilities to defeat waves of attack by alien animals and weird objects. Temple Guardian has many levels, each level is a challenge for you.

In each level, your enemies will appear in-waves and you will have to destroy all of them to complete your mission. At the start of the game (level 1), you have 50 HP. Each time an enemy enters the temple, you lose 1 HP. When you lose all your HPs, the game will end. You will use gold to buy the towers, buildings, upgrades and research. Each time you kill an enemy, you will have gold.

To complete a level, you need the right tactics. You have many towers to buy, such as defense towers, sacred towers and traps. You must also pay attention to Miracles and Tempe. In Temple Guardian, you need Miracle Points for construction and upgrade Sacred Defense Towers. Miracle Points can be won by killing certain enemies. Remember: keep the enemies away from the Sacred Temple. Otherwise, the Temple will be harmed. When the Temple’s HP goes down to zero, the game is over.

At the bottom of the game screen is the number of enemies, types of enemies, your gold and your HPs. Try to upgrade as soon as you have enough gold. When you play at higher levels, your enemies will be stronger. Temple Guardian has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:           

  • Use mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Move the mouse to the icons of each tower and its information will appear on the game screen.
  2. In game settings, you can select the map and optimize the sound.
  3. This game has 2 modes: Normal Mode and Edit Map Mode.

Unblocked Game: 

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Now, enter Temple Guardian Unblocked, using the correct tactics and place your towers to destroy the enemy. Play now!

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