Sushi Go Round

About Sushi Go Round

If you like cooking, you want to be a chef, you love sushi and japan’s food, sushi go round is the best game for you. The sushi go round is a flash game which was developed by Asylum Entertainment. The game was released on February 12, 2010, and published by SouthPeak Games.

In this game, you play as a replacement Chef in a sushi restaurant; your mission is to use the correct recipes and serve the customers. You have a 1-week trial to do this job. Each day, you have to earn enough money unless want to be fired.

There is a sushi recipes book, it will guide you how to cook sushi for your customer. However, remind that when you read the book, the time goes and your customers still wait; which make your customers be unhappy. And of course, they will not pay you much money for a bad service.

How to play Sushi Go Round?

  • It is very simple, you just use the mouse to click on the ingredients like rice, fish egg, nori, shrimp, salmon, sake, … to create your Sushi rolls.

Tips and tricks in Sushi Go Round game

  • When you are out of rice, nori, fish egg, … you can buy them by clicking the phone on the right of the screen.
  • Keep an eye on the time which the restaurant closes to have the excellent strategy of food. Which helps you save your money.
  • You also can turn on or off the sound by clicking the button on the screen before starting the game.

Play Sushi Go Round on

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  2. Now, it is the time for you to experience this exciting game. Let’s go!

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