Pretentious Game 2

About Pretentious Game 2

The pretentious game 2 is a puzzle platformer video game – one of 5 parts of the pretentious series game. The pretentious game 2 was developed by Keybol – a developer who comes from Filipino; music by Kevin Macleod. The game was published on May 7, 2013.

As same as pretentious game 1, 3, 4 and 5, the game’s content of pretentious game 2 is a story about the love. There are many poetic hints to guide the player to unite two lovers too.

In this game, you will have to lead a blue square to his love – a pink square. As I mention above, there are many hints in the form of poetry to describe their story and guide you how to pass through the puzzles.

There are 25 levels in this game which you have to pass. They are very easy, so no matter who you are – a gamer or not, it is still very easy for you to win the game for the first time. The game will end when the blue square dies and you can replay the game if you want.

How to play Pretentious Game 2

  • It is very easy for you to win the game because there are a lot of hints to guide you. You just have to use the button A and D to move, W to jump or arrows key with the same function.
  • Sometimes, you also have to use the mouse to pass levels, but don’t worry! There will be the hints for you. You will also have to keep the blue square stays away from spikes and other harmful obstacles.

Tips and tricks

  • Click double on the button W or button up to double jump.
  • In the 15th level, with the hint “what I need is complete silence”, you should turn off the music by click button M on the screen to pass.
  • In the 16th level, don’t be a fool to try to jump. To pass this level, all you need to do is turning on the music and lift up.

Frequently asked questions

  • Pretentious Game 2 what I need is complete silence?

As mention above, in the 15th level, many players don’t know how to be complete silence. Let me tell you, it’s really simple! All you need to complete silence is turning off the music. On your screen, you’ll see the “M” button. Click on this button and the music will be off.

  • How to beat Pretentious Game 2

Using the hints of the game to pass all levels. Try to stay away from the spikes.

Where to play Pretentious Game 2

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