One Piece VS Naruto

About One Piece VS Naruto:

One Piece VS Naruto is an exciting fighting game. In this game you control a character (from comic Once Piece and Naruto) and your mission is to win all the battles. This game has 2 modes, 1 Player and 2 Players. You can invite your friends and play together on the same PC. If you are a fan of One Piece and Naruto, I’m sure you will like this game.

Have you ever thought of a battle between Naruto and Luffy, or Sanji and Sasuke? In One Piece vs Naruto, you have multiple characters to use. In each battle, you will select a fighter to play and a second fighter to support you. You have 4 fighters from One Piece and 4 fighters from Naruto. Who are these fighters? I will let you explore by yourself.

Each battle has 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 rounds. The duration of each round is 60 seconds. When the time is up, who has the most HP will win. You have an HP bar. Each time you are attacked, your HP decreases. When your HP drops to 0, you lose. Note: Each fighter has skills based on the original comic version. When your energy full, you can use special skills (call the second fighter to attack your opponent).

With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I think you will have a great time playing One Piece VS Naruto. This game is suitable for all ages. You can play One Piece VS Naruto on whatever browser you want, because this is a flash game. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Player 1 use A/D and Player 2 use left/right arrow key to move.
  • Player 1 use J and Player 2 use num1 to normal attack.
  • Player 1 use K and Player 2 use num2 to jump.
  • Player 1 use L and Player 2 use num3 to slide.
  • Player 1 use I and Player 2 use num5 to strong attack.
  • Player 1 use O and Player 2 use num6 to special skill.

Tips and Tricks:  

  1. You can play the game in full screen mode.
  2. If you are a newbie, you can play in 1 Player Mode. In 1 Player Mode, you can practice because you will not lose HP when you are attacked.
  3. When your energy is full, use the special skill as soon as you can because the energy will recover automatically.

Unblocked Game: 

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  2. Now, enter One Piece VS Naruto Unblocked, control the character you like and show your fighting abilities. Play now!

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