Nom Nom Adventures

About Nom Nom Adventures

Nom Nom Adventures is a great adventure game developed by DogmaDZ. In Nom Nom Adventures, you control Nom Nom – a squirrel. Your task is to overcome the obstacles in the map, collect as many nuts as possible and get to the destination safely. Nom Nom Adventures has many levels, each level is a different map.

Before starting the game, you will enter your name. You can walk, jump, double jump, float and watershot. Along the way, you will see nuts. You need to collect nuts to earn big hearts. The big heart adds one heart and the little heart restore one heart. Each level has a timer (300 seconds) and you must complete your mission in this time, otherwise you will lose.

In each level, you will face complex terrain, such as slopes, deep holes, narrow paths … Besides; you will face your enemies, snails. Each time you touch the snail, you lose a small heart. However, you can jump to the top of the snail to destroy them.

With interesting gameplay and classic graphics, I believe you will enjoy playing Nom Nom Adventures. The world of Nom Nom still has many mysteries waiting for you to discover. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use A/D or left/right arrow key to walk.
  • Use W or up arrow key to jump and double jump.
  • Use Space to watershot / start the level.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. Press W or up arrow key after jump to float.
  2. Each time you collect 300 nuts, you have 1 big heart.
  3. Your ultimate goal in Nom Nom Adventures is 3000 nuts.

Unblocked Game: 

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Now, enter Nom Nom Adventures Unblocked, collect as many nuts as possible and get to the destination location safely. Play now!


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