Monster Craft

About monster craft game

Monster craft is an action game on the website This is a very interesting game for you during your break time.

In this game, you are a scientist and your mission is to create your own monster by using robot and zombies, then send them to the arena to fight with all the bad monsters in the area.

There are ten levels in this game which you have to pass. In each level, there are two rounds; when you defeat the monster team in each round you will pass the level and get 50 USD. You also have to try to earn as much money as you can to purchase the bot and crawler to create your own monsters. When you fail many times and you don’t have enough money to create the new monster, you can go to Hunting area to get money.

To create a very strong monster, you have to breed unique monsters in the lab. You also can use craft book in the graft lab to be guided. In this book, it guides you how to create a monster, how to combine two monsters to become a monster which is stronger, etc…

How to play monster craft game?

  • To control the game, you just have to use your left mouse to pull the bot and crawler in your team, pull them into the craft machine to create a new monster, then send them to the arena.

Tips and tricks in monster craft game

  • You can turn on or turn off the sound by selecting the main menu, then click on the sound button on top-right of the screen.
  • When you want to restart the game without saving your last achievement, you can select the main menu then click “erase data”

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