Johnny Upgrade

About Johnny Upgrade

 Have you ever heard about an incremental upgrade game which named johnny upgrade yet? This is really an interesting game which was developed by Gameshot. The game was released in April 2102 on the web browser.

The game’s content is quite simple. Johnny really loves to run and collect the gold coins and your mission in this game is to help him do that.

When you start the game, johnny is extremely weak, he can’t even move. Your task is to help him collect the coins to purchase many fantastic upgrades to improve his skill and power. Each time you complete your run, you will collect the number of coins and use these to purchase the new upgrades. Remind that the more upgrades you buy, the further you can travel and that means the more coins you can collect.

Moreover, you have to choose your upgrades wisely in order to maximize the distance which you can travel. There are 8 new upgrades which you can buy including speed, jump power, double jump, time limit, energy, multiplier and two locked upgrades. With two locked upgrades, you have to find a gun to unlock them.

How to play Johnny Upgrade?

  • It is very easy to control this game. Using button: A or D to move left or right, W or up key to jump. Very easy, isn’t it?

Tips and tricks in Johnny Upgrade

  •  You can turn on or off the sound of this game by clicking “sound button” on the screen.
  • To restart the game, click new game on the screen.

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