Jedi Trainer

About Jedi Trainer

Jedi Trainer is an interesting arcade game developed by Jason and Trevor. This game has unique graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and families. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game.

In this game, your task is to kill the droids by deflecting lasers into them without getting hit by the laser in your hand region. Each time you slash the droids, you will gain points. Try to get as many points as you can.

You have many skills to use, such as strike, dodge and block. You lose hit points if a non-deflected laser hits near the saber handle. You die if your light saber moves outside the boundaries of the screen. Only deflected lasers will damage enemies.

Notice that deflected lasers turn brighter, they do not loop back around, and they do not hurt you if you run into them. This game also has many interesting things waiting for you to explore. Good luck and have fun!

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How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  2. You can play this game in full screen mode.

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