Gunblood Remastered

About Gunblood Remastered

Gunblood Remastered is a great gun-battle game developed by OrangeGames. In Gunblood Remastered, you control a gunslinger. Your task is to shoot as fast as you can and knock down all your opponents in gun-battles. Gunblood Remastered brings you 9 gun-battles, each battle has an opponent waiting for you.

When the battle starts, you can see the difficulty of it. At level 1, difficulty is 20%. When you play at higher levels, your opponents will be faster. You need to place your mouse over the chamber. After 3 seconds, you must shoot at your opponent as quickly as you can to kill him, or you will be killed. Note: Each gunslinger has an HP bar and you need to shoot until your opponent’s HP drops to zero.

Let me tell you a useful thing, you should shoot at the head of your opponent and he (or her) will die instantly. In the battle, maybe you will be shot and your HP will drop. But do not worry, if you win the battle, your HP will be filled in the next battle.

Interesting in Gunblood Remastered is that you have 10 different characters to choose from, such as sheriff, an old man, a hot girl, a black rapper, a bandit, a cowboy … With interesting gameplay and Unique graphics, I believe that Gunblood Remastered will give you a great experience. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in Gunblood Remastered.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. If you move your mouse out of the chamber, the battle will be restarted.
  2. Your timing is the key to winning all gun-battles.
  3. Try to shoot at the head of your opponent if you can.

Unblocked Game: 

If you want to play Gunblood Remastered Unblocked, just click at Here you can play many great unblocked games, all are free.

Now, enter Gunblood Remastered, use your gun and shoot at your opponent as fast as you can. You have 3 seconds to prepare. Play now!

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