Flabby Physics

About Flabby Physics

Flabby physics is a one-button minigame which was developed by Paolo Pedercini, music by Pofi Champagne. The game was released in 2010.

In this game, your mission is pretty obvious; you have to move the ball to reach the star.

There are 12 levels in this game; each level has a different arrangement of the shapes. The ball rolls over these shapes (the blobs) and you can press the space bar to change the shape of those blobs. This will create the thrust to push the ball to the goal which you desire.

This is really a simple and easy game. It just takes you a minute or two to complete a level. However, this game is still loved by many people because of its simple but bright colors graphics. Moreover, there are a lot of people love the game because of its unique music.

How to play Flabby Physics

  • As mention above, flabby physics is a short and simple one button game, so, to control this game, you just only use one button – space bar.
  • Using this button to change the shape of those blobs. If you extend a part of the blob while the ball is nearby will create the thrust to push the ball to the star.

Tips and tricks in Flabby Physics game.

  1. If you want to turn off the music, press button “mute” on the keyboard.
  2. You can play the game in full-screen mode.

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