Extreme Pamplona

About Extreme Pamplona

Extreme Pamplona is an interesting running game. In Extreme Pamplona, ​​you control a poor man. Your task is to run as fast as you can, to overcome all obstacles along the way and get to the destination safely. Extreme Pamplona has 9 levels, each level is a challenge for you. With interesting gameplay and classic graphics, I believe you will enjoy playing Extreme Pamplona.

You will start the game with Spain (level 1). In level 1, you will be chased by a fierce bull. You have to run as fast as you can, jump through wooden crates, walls, fruit counters … If you get caught, you lose and the game is over.

Interesting point in Extreme Pamplona is that you will have different enemies in each level. For example, in Italy, you will have to run on big ships, boats, floats, bridges and you will be chased by a hot girl. And in France, you will run in a palace with many different obstacles, broken stairs, stones, giant statues … you have to swing the ropes through the spaces. If the big guy catches you, you lose.

Extreme Pamplona still has many interesting things but I will let you discover them by yourself. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to move in Extreme Pamplona.
  • Use up arrow key or Space to jump.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. In the upper right corner of the game screen is your spend-time.
  2. You can customize the sounds and music anytime you want.

Unblocked Game: 

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Now, enter Extreme Pamplona Unblocked, run as fast as you can and get to the target location safely. Play now!

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