Castle Wars 2.5

About Castle Wars 2.5

Castle Wars 2.5 is a great strategy game developed by Mads S. Lundemo and his team. In Castle Wars 2.5, you will use the cards and war with your enemy in turn-based card battle. Your task is to destroy the enemy’s castle as quickly as you can to win the battle. But still has another way to win a match, which is build a castle with 100 units.

Your enemy is also building a castle and wall. In each turn, you have 6 available cards to use. Each time you use a card, resource are spent. Workers make the resources they are able to, and one new brick, weapon, crystal is produced each turn. Each card has different effects and you need the right tactics to defeat your enemies. If you need more details about a card, you can press the details button.

When you don’t have any usable cards or simple want some new cards, you can select the discard option (up to 3). When use is highlighted, you can click on a card and it will carry out its action, if you have enough resources. And remember: resource is important if you want to win all the battles.

Each card requires different amounts of resources. The interesting point in Castle Wars 2.5 is that you will have some cards with special effects (lasting more than one round). Note: Before starting a battle, you can select the deck you want to use and you also can edit your deck. Castle Wars 2.5 has 3 modes to play: Campaign, Practice and Multi Player. Besides, Castle Wars 2.5 has 15 achievements for you to conquer. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in Castle Wars 2.5.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. You can check the opponent’s resources during the battle (on the right of the game screen).
  2. The quit button in the top right corner allows you to exit at any time you want.
  3. If a card is not available, it will be darker colored.

Unblocked Game: 

If you want to play Castle Wars 2.5 Unblocked, just visit This is a reputable site and it offers hundreds of unblocked games. With, you can play unblocked games anytime, anywhere.

Now, enter Castle Wars 2.5 Unblocked, use the powerful cards with right tactics and defeat your enemy. Play now!

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