Battle Sails Caribbean Heroes

About Battle Sails Caribbean Heroes

Battle Sails Caribbean Heroes is a great strategy game developed by Ruben Zubillaga Garralda. In Battle Sails – Caribbean Heroes, your task is to grow your nation and defeat all your enemies in Caribbean. You need right tactics to control the 20 regions and win this game. If you have no regions under your control, you will lose and the game is over.

Before you start the game, you will select your nation (England – France – Holland – Spain), select your bonus (+100 gold, +1 ship and +2 treasure maps), and select the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard). Actions on both the map and battle mode are turn based. You can develop technologies, they can help you to gain advantages over your enemies (damage bonus, more hit points, espionage, even access to new boats). Each technology takes several turns to research. Some will unlock access to other technologies.

The Diplomacy screen show the nations present in the game. If you have developed the espionage technology, you will see more detailed information on each nation. If you are at war with a nation, you can make peace with it by paying them an amount of gold. However, peace in the Caribbean dose not usually last long. When passing your turn, your men can find treasure maps during their travels. These maps allow access to a mini-game in which you can gain extra gold if you are able to find the treasure.

In each of your regions you can build forts to defend them, merchant ships to increase your income and warships to attack. Note: once a region receives ships that counts as a deployment for the receiving region as the arriving ships are added to the region’s existing fleet. Once you end your turn, you are informed of important events taking place during the turn of the rival nations. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in Battle Sails – Caribbean Heroes.

Tips and Tricks:   

  1. In battle, the first move is always made by the Attacker.
  2. You must find the chest before you run out of attempts.
  3. Some ships cannot the built until you have developed the appro-private technology.

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