Age of War

About Age of War:

Age of War is an extremely fun strategy game created by Louissi. The game has simple graphics and you can easily play this game on web flash.

Game has 3 modes for players from easy to hard. First, you will be provided with a main house and so will the enemy. Your task is to find a way to destroy the main house of your enemy. You can use gold to buy soldiers and attack your opponent’s base.

Game has 5 ages. In order to get to the next age you need to have XP. When you destroy an enemy unit or their base, you will get XP and gold.

You can also use gold to buy defensive weapons for your base. In addition, the game also has a unique special skill system. These special skills will also change as you enter a new age, however, they have the cooldown time.

Once your base is attacked and lost health, you cannot fix it. But when you step through the new age, they will be recovered.

If you like this game, you can also play others games with the same game play such as Paper Minecraft, stick war, stick war 2… or you can play the sequel of this game called Age of War 2.

How To Play:

  • The game is very simple. You just use your mouse to perform all actions in the game. Let’s try to win this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can pause/resume on the game screen.
  2. Different types of soldiers will cost differently and different abilities.
  3. Build defenses if the opponent is too strong.

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