2048 Cats

About 2048 Cats

If you love the cat and you also like game 2048, 2048 cats is the best game for you. The game 2048 cats is an addictive and interesting game which is based on a very popular game in 2014 – 2048.

2048 game is a quiz game which was developed by Gabriele Cirulli – a young Italian programmer and was released on March 9, 2014. Immediately, this game became very popular after that and there are a lot of other games based on it were released, including the 2048 cats game.

The game 2048 cats has the same play style with its original. In this game, your mission is to combine the similar cats with each other to get the highest score as you can.

How to play 2048 Cats

  • It is very simple for anyone who wants to play this game. If you play this game on your PC, you just use the arrows keys to combine the similar cats to each other. If you play the game on your smartphone, iPad or any other handset devices, you just swipe to combine.

Tips and tricks in 2048 Cats

  •  If you can match two cat gifs in one turn, do that.
  • You should choose a side to cluster the images on, and then you continue to concentrate on matching the similar photos up. Which makes the photos don’t move all that much; that mean you end up being able to last longer and longer; it also means that you can get a higher score in the end.

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